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How Meditouch's advanced technologies will enable you to become the most important aid in your beloved-ones
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Discover the special rehabilitation system that will allow you to lead your dearest to major improvement in their life and be the most important factor
in their rehabilitation processprocess
At last !! an effective rehabilitation program you can operate in the comfort of your own home!

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12 years post stroke
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made significant progress
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The MediTouch devices provide biofeedback on body movements - upper and lower limbs, trunk and head - for optimal physical and occupational rehabilitation. The system consists of wearable devices and powerful dedicated rehabilitation software. The movement biofeedback enables patients to engage in motivating exercise activities that are tailored to follow their recovery.

Through motivating and challenging rehabilitation games, the patient practices exercises involving single or combined joint movement tailored to their ability while preventing compensatory movement patterns. The system is applicable for the rehabilitation of both fine and gross motor skills and optimization of functional ability. By optimizing the patient's motor, sensory and cognitive performance the use of the MediTouch has shown measureable benefits in adults and children with movement deficits in their lower and upper extremity thus improving everyday functional task performance and quality of life.
"I had a stroke in Sept 2012. The stroke affected the right side of my body. I spent many months in rehab at 3 different centers. I have recovered my walking and speech to acceptable levels. But my right arm and hand lagged and were not to acceptable levels. This caused a great deal of frustration. Even though I spent time in rehab on my arm and hand, I could not obtain acceptable functional levels. I searched for solutions outside of traditional rehab. This search lead me to MediTouch HandTutor and later to the ArmTutor. Both units use computer games to provide hand and arm/shoulder movement feedback to the brain. I have tried electrically stimulated devices which help strengthen the muscles but do not provide the feedback to the brain which I think is critical. Both the hand and arm unit helped me learn movements controlled by my brain by making the connection between the brain and muscles and helping build strength. MediTouch uses an on line, one on one therapy session to setup the device and teach the user how to use the device. This provides in-home therapy sessions.

I have tried traditional therapy and electrical stimulation devices but have found the MediTouch units much more effective. I would highly recommend MediTouch devices to anyone who wishes to get more functional use of their affected extremity.

Important points that need your attention :
be sure to fill in correct details- treatment is possible only for patients who have support of an available family member to accompany them on their rehabilitation journey
MediTouch's solutions is not effective for everyone!
Only if the patient is eager and willing to put in hard work and effort will the system enable a great leap in his/her rehabilitation .
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